Upholstery Cleaning Dalry

slide2Are you in Dalry and looking for a company that provides upholstery cleaning? If so you should come to Perfect Clean. Here at Perfect Clean we have been providing both commercial and residential customers with a professional upholstery cleaning service ever since 2000.

Why use us?

Rather than going out and buying new upholstery due to stains you can come to us and spend a fraction of the cost. Perfect Clean can ultimately remove any stains that are embedded in your upholstery, including Irn-Bru stains. After using our upholstery cleaning you will notice a significant difference in the colour and overall state of your upholstery.

Our cleaning solutions and equipment

Our cleaning solutions are 100% non toxic, meaning that there is no risk for children or for pets. Using our high powered industrial extraction system alongside our cleaning solutions our fully trained cleaners can guarantee an exceptional cleaning experience to you and other customers in Dalry.

Our prices

We are known for our competitive prices, so you don’t have to worry about our service costing you more than what you can afford. Before we get started we will give you a quote too, this will give you a better idea of what our expectations are.

For a free quote or to ask us any questions

If you are in Dalry and you are interested in a free quote or you would like to ask us a couple of questions about this service then simply get in touch with us. We can be contacted on 0800 334 5597 or 077 8902 5461 from your mobile.