Paisley Carpet Cleaning

At Perfect Clean, we pride ourselves in providing a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service to people in and around Paisley. Not only do we keep residential carpets spick and span but also commercial carpets looking professional and fresh.

You just need to look at our gallery to see the difference our Paisley carpet cleaning services can make.  Our customers return to us time and time again to ensure their carpets are kept in the greatest condition possible. Before considering the purchase of a new carpet, why not try our carpet cleaning service which involves us using industrial extraction machines to provide the best possible results.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Perfect Clean’s Paisley Carpet cleaning provides results incomparable to that of regular vacuuming.  The use of industrial extraction machines can successfully remove stains and odours to leave a carpet which feels and looks as good as new. Our carpet cleaning services can eradicate bacteria and in turn prolong the life span of your carpets. Over time your carpet can become damaged from the use of vacuums which will shorten its life span and tarnish the fibres. Professional carpet cleaning can not only sanitise the bacteria found in the fibres but also remove the darkest of stains. With our carpet cleaning your carpets could look as good as new, just visit our gallery to see the real results our carpet cleaners have achieved for our Paisley clients. To see just how great our clients find our service follow our Facebook page to read reviews from our Paisley clients.

Vacuuming alone cannot remove every dust mite or contaminate which can affect your personal health and hygiene. Carpet cleaning services use steam to eliminate these mites which cannot survive the intensity of the carpet cleaning. Where carpet is exposed to a high humidity level, this can cause mould to foster and grow. Mould can result in various breathing issues and irritation to the nasal passages, eyes and skin when carpets experience water damage. Our cleaning services leave your carpets dry within one to two hours meaning there’s no fear of mould growth.

Our level of service is of ultimate quality, just read our testimonials and see for yourself. Competitive prices mean that you’re always getting good value for money with our services.

To book our services or enquire about our pricing contact us via phone on 07789025461 or email