Carpet Cleaning Abbotsinch

FullSizeRenderCarpet cleaning can improve the appearance of your home/commercial property and ultimately extend the life of your carpet, however, the most valuable benefit from the process is improving you and your family’s/workers’ health.

Research over the years has proven that if members of a household/commercial property suffer from conditions that can affect their breathing such as asthma it’s particularly important that you hoover your carpets at least three times per week.

Professional carpet cleaning at least once per year has it’s benefits to both commercial and domestic property owners in Abbotsinch. Below we will go into greater depth about these benefits.

Carpet cleaning eliminates trapped pollutants – Generally a dirty carpet will retain several sources of indoor air pollutants for example pet dander, lead, particle pollution and everyday dirt and dust. Toxic airborne gases can adhere to these particles and get trapped within the carpet, these gases can also be released through everyday activities including hoovering and walking across the carpet; causing them to contaminate the air within your property. The method that our carpet cleaners use alongside our cleaning products kills the bacteria and can remove deeply trapped pollutants.

Carpet cleaning clears out dust mite infestations – There are many homes and commercial properties in Abbotsinch and in various other areas in Paisley who have dust mite infestations, however, the majority of these property owners aren’t aware of the infestations because the creatures are microscopic. Dust mites themselves aren’t classed as allergens however, they often leave behind body fragments which are. Due to the size of the particles, they can be easily inhaled when the area is disturbed; this can in turn exacerbate allergies. The high-powered industrial extraction machine that we use throughout our carpet cleaning process exposes your carpet to high temperatures that dust mites cannot survive, effectively clearing out dust mite infestations from your home/commercial property.

Carpet cleaning can help to prevent mould growth – If there are areas that have high humidity levels then dirty carpets are at a higher risk of developing mould growth when they are exposed to the moisture. When there is bad weather, moisture will frequently get trekked into the property and can sink deep into the carpet fibres if it isn’t dried and hoovered immediately. By having your carpet professionally cleaned by us, you will be able to prevent mould and mildew growth because our method leaves behind drier carpets.

We charge fair prices for our carpet cleaning service and are very honest when quoting all jobs, so the price that you are quoted from us is the price that you will be expected to pay – there are no hidden extras whatsoever.

For more information about our carpet cleaning service or to arrange a suitable time for us to come out to your home/commercial property in Abbotsinch, simply give us a call on 0800 334 4497 or 0778 902 5461 from your mobile.