Professional Rug Cleaning East Kilbride

It is officially the beginning of Spring today. March 20th is the Spring Equinox, which means you have a fantastic opportunity to partake in the somewhat arbitrary tradition of spring cleaning. Everyone needs some change, so why not switch up the decor of your living room? We’re not suggesting that you head out and buy a whole new suite and TV, but small changes can make all the difference. We at Perfect Clean think a new rug is the best way to quickly enhance the look of a room. Sure, we may be biased as we offer a fantastic professional rug cleaning in East Kilbride. However, we’ve prepared a short list of the reasons why we think you should consider getting a new rug this Spring.

Easily add a dash of colour.

Maybe you wanted to go for a minimalist style and opted for grey walls and black furniture. Sure, it looks great, but it’s maybe a little sterile looking over time. The easiest way to brighten up your living space is to add a pop of colour. A rug is a perfect opportunity for this! Why not add a bright red rug, maybe get some matching cushions? You could even opt for a jazzy pattern to break up the monotony of a more plain room and add an extra bit of character. Best of all, with our professional rug cleaning in East Kilbride, your new rug will stay bright and cheerful for years to come.

Enhance the overall decor of the room.

The same works for the opposite situation. Maybe you’ve opted for a range of trinkets and interesting decorations, but the floor stands out because of how plain it is. A rug can help tie the decor of a room together and make the style more cohesive. If you’ve got quirky decorations, why not opt for a quirky rug? Or, you could take the safer approach and opt for a solid colour rug that matches the decor. Either way, our professional rug cleaning in East Kilbride can help keep your new decor looking great. Best of all, like a new rug, it’s inexpensive.

Cover up imperfections

We’ve all been there. Going about your day and then suddenly noticing a scuff or mark on your wooden floor. It’s a nightmare. You won’t ever be able to not notice it again. Getting it fixed can be a hassle. Not only can it be expensive, but you then need to dedicate a day to waiting around for a workman to come and fix the floor. Sometimes it pays to be like Elsa from Frozen, ‘Conceal… don’t let it show.” Pop a rug on there and you totally forget it ever happened. It’s the simplest way to get rid of the problem, and you’ll prevent further scuffs from happening.

Honestly, we could let this list go on forever, but we’re too busy delighting clients with our professional rug cleaning in East Kilbride so we’ll leave it there. For more information on our services, please feel free to get in contact.

Carpet Cleaning Dykebar

When it comes to Paisley, you probably immediately think of the town centre. With a huge shopping centre with tons of stores and eateries to enjoy, we can see why this is maybe the case. However, Paisley is the fifth-most-populous town in Scotland. A population of 76,200 can’t all fit within a town centre. Paisley had a number of smaller areas within it, most of which you’d only know if you lived there. Thankfully, we’re a business in Paisley who wants to ensure that we offer our services to every client regardless of where they are. We offer our fantastic carpet cleaning in Dykebar so that residents can live in a home they are proud of.

For those not in the know yet still somehow come across this page, Dykebar is a small residential estate located within the south side of Paisley. Along with being a thriving housing estate, it is also home to Paisley’s general psychiatric hospital. Some of the homes in Dykebar are absolutely stunning. Five bedroom manors with a gorgeous garden and a pool. Even the smaller houses look like an extremely pleasant place to live. It would be a shame then, to let the side down by not taking care of your property.

We do understand that people get busy, and life gets in the way. If you have to manage to take care of a house with multiple bedrooms, we don’t envy you that job. Especially if you have children. They have an amazing habit of being able to create the biggest mess in minimal time. Carpets are usually the main victim. Drinks are spilt, paints are dropped and mud is tracked in and embedded into the floor. Worse still, you can’t always blame the kids for these occurrences. Have you ever tried to remove red wine from a white carpet? It’s a nightmare. Thankfully, Perfect Clean can remove even the biggest of merlot stains.

The team at Perfect Clean are some of the best in the business. We’ve ensured that we’ve kept ourselves up to date on the latest technology and the best cleaning techniques. We can achieve some fantastic results for you. No seriously, you can have a look at our gallery or even watch some videos on our YouTube page as evidence. You’ll be staggered at just how much of a difference can be made. Faded carpets will end up looking just as bright as the day they were bought. For more information on how our carpet cleaning in Dykebar can transform your flooring, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be delighted to help you.

Professional Rug Cleaning Bishopbriggs

If you have a business, you will want an office that is welcoming but not irritating to upkeep. In that way, rugs are fantastic. You get all the benefits of a carpet, without the hassle that comes along with owning one. A rug is a cosy compromise that can greatly enhance a room. However, just like you’d care for a carpet, your rug also deserves some love and attention every now and then. Doing so can bring about a host of benefits. Perfect Clean provides a professional rug cleaning in Bishopbriggs so that clients can have a warm and welcoming commercial or domestic property, hassle-free.

Having a rug can greatly enhance the appearance of any room or office. You can utilise them to add a much-needed splash of colour in a contemporary living room, or you can use a rug to soften an office and make it feely more inviting. They not only look great but also provide a number of extra added benefits. For example, did you know that a rug can help decrease noise? It provides a softer surface to walk on and also absorbs any noise in the room. If you have a room that has a slight echo, you can eliminate this with an area rug. The difference is very noticeable. As long as you take care of your rug, it’ll help take care of your home or office.

Sadly, nothing lasts for forever; but most things can last longer given the right help. Rugs do have a somewhat limited lifetime, with variances dependent on quality. However, you can greatly increase the longevity of any rug if you opt to look after it properly. Making use of our professional rug cleaning service in Bishopbriggs is the perfect way to ensure that your rug stays ideal for as long as possible. Perfect Clean have over eighteen years worth of experience in delivering a great service to clients that will totally refresh their floors.

Not only can our professional rug cleaning in Bishopbriggs ensure that your rug lasts longer, but it can also extend the warranty. You may not be aware of this, but hidden in amongst the small print of many receipts, is the fact that you need to fulfil certain requirements in order to extend your warranty. Most places require that you have your rug or carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year in order to keep the warranty valid. This is a great benefit as you’re covered should an accident occur. You won’t be left out of pocket for a new rug or carpet.

Perfect Clean offers a high-powered clean that you won’t find for a better price elsewhere. Our machinery is powered via our vans, so the results truly are astonishing. You can watch as your rug is transformed back to the level of cleanliness and brightness that it was one the day you purchased it. To get yourself started on your journey towards a sparkling clean rug or carpet, please feel free to get in contact with us. You can book an appointment online or via the phone on 0800 334 5597.

Carpet Cleaners Thornliebank

Sometimes it may feel like living in a smaller populated area, means that you have less access to services. To an extent this is true, Glasgow no doubt has a ton more businesses situated within it than a smaller area like Thornliebank. Things like having your carpet cleaned may fall by the wayside as you’re unaware that the option is still there. The team at Perfect Clean are leading carpet cleaners in Thornliebank, and we deliver a great service to every customer regardless of how close they are to the city centre.

Thornliebank is a fairly small suburban area in East Renfrewshire, the 2011 census states that the province only has just over 4,000 residents. That doesn’t mean that the residents should have less access to great services. Perfect Clean makes an effort to ensure that the people of Thornliebank get the same top-quality service that those in larger cities do. Our vans are what run our powerful cleaning machinery, so we are easily able to access areas outside of Glasgow.

It’s surprising at what a difference having your carpet cleaned can make to your home. Your flooring takes a lot of abuse over the years, and this is reflected in the appearance of your carpet. A white carpet, in particular, can end up a totally different shade from when you bought it. There are a ton of cure-all remedies available on the market, that claim to be able to brighten your carpet and remove all stains. However, there is no possible way that they could match the cleaning power of our machinery. In just seconds, you could see parts of your flooring totally transformed. You can see this for yourself if you take a quick look at our YouTube or Facebook page.

At Perfect Clean, we keep up-to-date on the newest and best cleaning techniques so that you don’t have to. We’re a family-owned business that is proud to say that we put our customers first and we want to give the residents of Thornliebank a carpet cleaning service that they will be astonished by. The vast majority of our clients come from recommendations or repeat custom, which speaks for our dedication towards giving a fantastic service at a fair price.

The team at Perfect Clean are carpet cleaners in Thornliebank that you can trust to transform your home. Our gallery features a number of shocking photographs that display just how effective our machinery and our techniques are. For more information on how we can rejuvenate your carpet, please feel free to get in contact.

Carpet Cleaning Gallowhill

Over time, your carpet withstands a lot of abuse, especially in Gallowhill where the weather isn’t ideal for over half the year. When you come into your home, you bring all the dirt from outside with you and this can leave a lasting impact on the quality of your carpet. There is only so much you can do with a vacuum cleaner, while they make the surface appear cleaner, they don’t really pick-up embedded dirt and bacteria. Perfect Clean offer a carpet cleaning service in Gallowhill that can rejuvenate your carpet and make it look as if it were new.

Carpets take a lot of mistreatment, and this is reflected in the number of products that are available for you to utilise to ‘fix’ it. Ranging from home remedies to expensive liquid treatments, there is a huge market of products that can allow you to attempt to make your carpet look as if they were fresh from the store. We’re happy to admit that sometimes these products do work, and can act as a great temporary solution. However, the results do not linger long, and soon you’ll find that you need to keep repurchasing said miracle products and this is not cheap. Perfect Clean offer professional carpet cleaning that is longer lasting and still cost effective.

Perfect Clean keep on top of knowing the best current techniques and owning the leading equipment so that you don’t have to. No longer will you have to shampoo your carpet on a bi-weekly basis, our professional cleaners can leave your carpet looking stunning for months. We’re a family-owned business who truly care about the level of service that we are delivering, and our quality can be seen through the fact that most of our work comes through referrals.

We operate using high powered industrial extraction machines, these are guaranteed to give you a much better clean than you’d getting using a supermarket product. If you look on our site, you can watch some shocking videos in which we turn an apparently brown carpet back to a light cream colour in mere seconds. It’s surprising just how quickly our machines manage to transform your carpet. Better still, it will dry in only a couple of hours, so you won’t feel like getting your carpets refreshed is a huge hassle.

Our carpet cleaning in Gallowhill is definitely a cut above the rest in terms of quality and price. The team are dedicated to giving you items in your home that look brand new. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Professional Rug Cleaning Elderslie

Whether you have guests coming to your home or your business, there is no doubt that you’ll want to create a warm and welcoming space guaranteed to impress. That first impression can make all the difference in having returning guests or customers after all. Having a clean carpet or rug can help produce a great ambiance for visitors arriving to your property. However, it is also true that having an unclean rug or carpet can greatly hinder the look of your living room or foyer. Here at Perfect Clean, we offer professional rug cleaning in Elderslie to both domestic and commercial properties looking to create that perfect atmosphere required for a fantastic first impression.

A well patterned, clean rug is a relatively inexpensive method of sprucing up a space. When choosing the perfect rug for your room, it is important to take note of how they’ll be used. For instance, an office rug is going to get a lot less wear out of it and dirt dropped on it than a playroom rug so you can afford to select a fancier pattern. Equally true, a playroom rug perhaps needs to be softer than an office rug, as children and adults will be kneeling on it. A plain hand-knotted rug is highly durable and soft, it would be ideal for a playroom. However, a hand-tufted rug allows for ornate patterning and means you can be more creative and you can match the rug to the rest of the room to create a cohesive and professional look.

No matter how durable a rug is, it is inevitable that it is going to have some form of dirt trampled into it. However, not only will professional rug cleaning improve the aesthetics of your Elderslie home or business, but it will also provide you with a number of other benefits. For instance, did you know that a clean rug is better for your health? Rugs trap a number of allergens and bacteria, this means that they aren’t in the air. This is obviously great, but it does mean that they are still lingering in your floor. Perfect Clean can eliminate these for you with our professional rug cleaning, meaning your rug can continue to improve air quality without becoming a hazard in themselves.

The high-powered clean that we offer can also extend the warranty on your rug or carpet. It is very often written in the small print of a rug or carpet purchase that for the warranty to last, you need to have it professionally deep cleaned within a specifically stated time-frame. Being that the products that we use dry quickly in an hour or two, it won’t take long to extend the warranty and life of your rug. A couple of hours work, for years worth of use.

Our professional rug cleaning is highly recommended by Elderslie clients, and it is apparent through our work that we are some of the best in the business. We have over 18 years worth of experience, and the service that we deliver is top-notch. To get yourself started on the journey towards a refreshed space, Perfect Clean’s professional rug cleaning is a fantastic place to start. To book an appointment you can contact us online, or via the phone on 0800 334 5597.

Professional Rug Cleaning Paisley

carpets cleaned paisley

Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and everything has a life cycle, your carpet or rug is no different. They take a lot of beating as well, with the British weather leading to water and dirt often getting spread amongst your floor and putting even the best of fabrics to the test. Fortunately you can greatly expand the life of your carpet or rug with regular cleaning, and Perfect Clean offer professional rug cleaning in Paisley taking it that step further to ensure that your floor remains in great condition for years to come.

Not only will a clean carpet instantly enhance the appearance of any room and prolong the life of a carpet or rug, but getting it professionally cleaned will bring about a number of other added benefits. While having a carpet is aesthetically pleasing and makes for a softer texture, it does come with the risk of allergens and bacteria building up in the fibres. Rugs and carpets are known for being good for improving indoor air quality as they collect airborne pollutants, but this does mean that they then linger in your carpet or rug. Professional rug cleaning can prevent this build up of allergens and bacteria, and can eliminate the pollutants that the carpet has collected over time.

Additionally, professional cleaning can extended the life of your carpet as if you look at the small print, many warranties require that carpets are deep cleaned within a specifically stated time frame.

With all these reasons to have your carpet cleaned, it seems daft not to bite the bullet and have it done. At Perfect Clean, we have had over 18 years experience in delivering a great service that leaves many customers highly satisfied. You don’t have to worry about the process being overly expensive either, as we can do an entire room for as little as £35.

Our machinery is directly powered by truck and it works extremely quickly to get your rug looking good as new. Drying in as quickly as an hour or two, you won’t have to regard getting your carpet cleaned as a big chore as we are in and out as quickly as possible. We move all the furniture that we need to, and use 100% non-toxic products, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

To start the process of your property getting a refresh, our professional rug cleaning service in Paisley is definitely a good starting point. You can book an appointment with us online, or you can contact us via phone at 0800 334 5597.

Paisley Carpet Cleaning

At Perfect Clean, we pride ourselves in providing a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service to people in and around Paisley. Not only do we keep residential carpets spick and span but also commercial carpets looking professional and fresh.

You just need to look at our gallery to see the difference our Paisley carpet cleaning services can make.  Our customers return to us time and time again to ensure their carpets are kept in the greatest condition possible. Before considering the purchase of a new carpet, why not try our carpet cleaning service which involves us using industrial extraction machines to provide the best possible results.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Perfect Clean’s Paisley Carpet cleaning provides results incomparable to that of regular vacuuming.  The use of industrial extraction machines can successfully remove stains and odours to leave a carpet which feels and looks as good as new. Our carpet cleaning services can eradicate bacteria and in turn prolong the life span of your carpets. Over time your carpet can become damaged from the use of vacuums which will shorten its life span and tarnish the fibres. Professional carpet cleaning can not only sanitise the bacteria found in the fibres but also remove the darkest of stains. With our carpet cleaning your carpets could look as good as new, just visit our gallery to see the real results our carpet cleaners have achieved for our Paisley clients. To see just how great our clients find our service follow our Facebook page to read reviews from our Paisley clients.

Vacuuming alone cannot remove every dust mite or contaminate which can affect your personal health and hygiene. Carpet cleaning services use steam to eliminate these mites which cannot survive the intensity of the carpet cleaning. Where carpet is exposed to a high humidity level, this can cause mould to foster and grow. Mould can result in various breathing issues and irritation to the nasal passages, eyes and skin when carpets experience water damage. Our cleaning services leave your carpets dry within one to two hours meaning there’s no fear of mould growth.

Our level of service is of ultimate quality, just read our testimonials and see for yourself. Competitive prices mean that you’re always getting good value for money with our services.

To book our services or enquire about our pricing contact us via phone on 07789025461 or email



Carpet Cleaning Hillington

Here at Perfect Clean we are a family owned company who offer carpet cleaning to people in Hillington and all over. We first started out as a company in 2000 and from there we have continued to grow into the company that we are today. We take great pride in every job that we undertake. Our reputation is very important to us and it is something that we want to continue to build on.

We are fully qualified and experienced when it comes to both carpet and upholstery cleaning so you can be certain that if you choose to use our company to come out to your home in Hillington that you will be making a good choice. We are also proud to say that we offer competitive prices and that the price that you are quoted is the price that you will be expected to pay for the service that you require, there are no hidden extras. On our website there is a section where you can upload pictures of the carpet that you need cleaned, this allows us to give you an accurate quote based on what we see.

Our aim when cleaning your carpet(s) is to get the job done as quickly as we can so as not to cause too much disruption. The truck mounted machinery that we have invested in aids us in getting the job done efficiently and with the desired results. This machinery leaves carpets brighter, rejuvenated, clean and deodorised with the bonus of having them dry also in 1-2 hours.

So if you are looking for a company who can provide you with a professional carpet cleaning service in Hillington then why not book an appointment with us today.

Commercial Carpet Cleaners Paisley

Here at Perfect Clean we are a family run company who offer commercial carpet cleaners to people in Paisley and the surrounding areas. We have been doing what we do now for many years so we would class ourselves as specialists with the experience that we have.

Our team of commercial carpet cleaners in Paisley have worked with different people over the years including letting agents, restaurants and hotels, these customers tend to use us again due to the high level of customer service we provide as well as the high standard of our work. We take great pride in every job that we do as we want our customers to be happy and satisfied. This may then encourage them to also tell others about the great job that we as a company do.

Over the years we have been a company we have invested in equipment which helps our commercial carpet cleaners in Paisley to deliver the job that both us and our customers expect. We use non toxic cleaning solutions and high powered industrial extraction machines to achieve the desired results.

Carpets can become tired over time and some people automatically think that they should just renew their carpet(s) but that isn’t the case as using professional carpet cleaners who know what they are doing can be a much cheaper option for you. We are more than happy to offer you a no obligation quote which will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay our commercial carpet cleaners if they come out to your premises in Paisley or the surrounding areas.

For a quote you can contact us via phone or through our website. There is also a section on our website which enables you to upload a picture of what you are looking to have cleaned. This gives us a look and then allows us to give you an accurate quote based on what we see.

So, if you are looking for commercial carpet cleaners who work in and around Paisley then all you have to do is get in touch with us today.