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Professional Rug Cleaning East Kilbride

It is officially the beginning of Spring today. March 20th is the Spring Equinox, which means you have a fantastic opportunity to partake in the somewhat arbitrary tradition of spring cleaning. Everyone needs some change, so why not switch up the decor of your living room? We’re not suggesting that you head out and buy […]

Carpet Cleaning Dykebar

When it comes to Paisley, you probably immediately think of the town centre. With a huge shopping centre with tons of stores and eateries to enjoy, we can see why this is maybe the case. However, Paisley is the fifth-most-populous town in Scotland. A population of 76,200 can’t all fit within a town centre. Paisley […]

Professional Rug Cleaning Bishopbriggs

If you have a business, you will want an office that is welcoming but not irritating to upkeep. In that way, rugs are fantastic. You get all the benefits of a carpet, without the hassle that comes along with owning one. A rug is a cosy compromise that can greatly enhance a room. However, just […]

Carpet Cleaners Thornliebank

Sometimes it may feel like living in a smaller populated area, means that you have less access to services. To an extent this is true, Glasgow no doubt has a ton more businesses situated within it than a smaller area like Thornliebank. Things like having your carpet cleaned may fall by the wayside as you’re […]

Carpet Cleaning Gallowhill

Over time, your carpet withstands a lot of abuse, especially in Gallowhill where the weather isn’t ideal for over half the year. When you come into your home, you bring all the dirt from outside with you and this can leave a lasting impact on the quality of your carpet. There is only so much […]

Professional Rug Cleaning Elderslie

Whether you have guests coming to your home or your business, there is no doubt that you’ll want to create a warm and welcoming space guaranteed to impress. That first impression can make all the difference in having returning guests or customers after all. Having a clean carpet or rug can help produce a great […]

Professional Rug Cleaning Paisley

Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and everything has a life cycle, your carpet or rug is no different. They take a lot of beating as well, with the British weather leading to water and dirt often getting spread amongst your floor and putting even the best of fabrics to the test. Fortunately you can greatly expand […]

Upholstery Cleaning Glasgow

When did you last clean your sofa? Struggling to remember? If it was more than a year ago you might just want to consider upholstery cleaning… Our upholstery cleaning service located in Glasgow could be the saviour of your tired home furniture. Furniture plays a huge role in the aesthetic of our homes, though over […]

Paisley Carpet Cleaning

At Perfect Clean, we pride ourselves in providing a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service to people in and around Paisley. Not only do we keep residential carpets spick and span but also commercial carpets looking professional and fresh. You just need to look at our gallery to see the difference our Paisley carpet cleaning […]

Carpet Cleaning Hillington

Here at Perfect Clean we are a family owned company who offer carpet cleaning to people in Hillington and all over. We first started out as a company in 2000 and from there we have continued to grow into the company that we are today. We take great pride in every job that we undertake. […]